XRP Spot ETF? No, but fake news is rocking the crypto market

Another ETF on the horizon?

Like ua already seenthe crypto community has been dealing with new rumors regarding one potential demand for a spot ETFthis time about cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP).

The dynamics were identical the one that then led to the official presentation of a ETH spot ETFand consisted of the registration of the trust with the Department of State Delaware (USA), with the same references included in the pages related to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, Black rock he immediately denied that he was responsible for the presentation of the documents in question (actually archived), while the Department, while not commenting on the incident, suggests that it may have been manipulation by a third party.

In any case, there were clearly moments of panic for the markets, with predictable rise of XRP tokenthen rapidly reabsorbed.

XRP and the unsustainable wait for ETFs

The financial giant hastened to yes they deny being involved to multiple newspapers, and also confirmed that he is not currently considering launching a new spot ETF, let alone XRP.

After the report quickly went viral on social media, the price of XRP skyrocketed achieving +12% in just a few minutesbut after the nature of the news was revealed, the token returned to settle around its previous values.

Certainly, the reaction of XRP also leaves something to be desired Food for thoughtsuch as the fact that the community is vigilantly and impatiently waiting for the approval of new financial products, which, obviously, they are not yet “valued” by the marketready to do his best for a possible new bullrun.

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