Worldcoin at +30% | Altman-OpenAI affair pushes crypto

Worldcoin is growing thanks to the amazing Altman case. But can it last?

Case Sam Altman she quickly went around the world and while yesterday she caused a $WLD some pricing issues – although quickly resolved – are today the driving force behind the astonishing growth, which at the time of writing is almost 30%. Push $WLD these are apparently well-founded rumors about the return to the saddle of Sam Altman, who was unexpectedly removed from the board of OpenAI.

Microsoft and other investors would actually manage to put board in the minority following the decision of Sam Altman, who, for those who don’t remember, is directly involved, at the highest levels, in WorldCoin as well.

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Worldcoin flies on OpenAI chaos – and the return of Sam Altman

It’s amazing what’s happening these hours WorldCoin, with the Sam Altman-related project’s token hovering near $2.40, at least at the time of writing, proving handy for Altman’s potential return to the helm of OpenAI. The last hours were very tense: first board OpenAI removed Sam Altman from his position, and then there was a reaction from investors of some importance, such as Microsoft.

They’ve been busy for the last few hours and led the board to promise a resignation which, however, at least at the moment, has yet to arrive, but with Altman’s return to the helm of OpenAI seeming pretty obvious.

Although the two projects are completely separate, Worldcoin took advantage of this situation and started running at price levels close to its all-time highs and not seen since the first days after the launch phase.

Watch out for the stability of this race

This race will depend a lot on the evolution of this story. We also remind our readers that the two projects are fundamentally separate and that Altman’s return to the head of OpenAI will not change anything for Worldcoin, a project that continues to progress to include a significant number of users and will however remain distant from OpenAI.

The situation right in evolution, but fundamentally unsafe for those who were supposed to trade during these hours. Maximum attention is recommended.

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