Was once a Renault 5. Actually, no. Here is the electric conversion kit

ROME – Giving new life to iconic vehicles from the past in the name of sustainability. To that end, Renault and R-Fit, a company specializing in retrofitting vintage vehicles, have joined forces to offer a series of all-electric retrofit kits for the French marque’s models.

A specially developed electrification package, already created for the Renault 4L, is now also available for the Renault 5, a popular car produced from 1972 to 1984 in more than 5 million units, and is also available in the sports version (Alpine and Turbo). Thanks to these 100% electric retrofit kits, fans of Lozenge’s historic models can travel with their collector cars, combining driving pleasure, economy and sustainability.

The vehicle thus modified will have homologation and registration certificates available for free movement anywhere, even with access to restricted traffic areas.

The Renault 5 100% electric retrofit kit is regularly approved for the R5 Tl and Gtl versions, with 3 and 5 doors (type 139700 and 122700 respectively), and can already be ordered in France from R-Fit, at a price list from 15,900 euros with VAT and installation.

The transformation retains the original mechanical transmission and adopts a 22 KW brushless synchronous motor, a 10.7 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo) battery with a voltage of 105 V, an electronic charge indicator and offers a weight distribution very similar to that of the original thermal version.

R-Fit offers a two-year warranty on the transformation, and indicates a complete charging time of three and a half hours with a 16A – 220V outlet, while the autonomy is about 80 km. Two of these vehicles equipped with a retrofit kit, the Renault 4 (homologated in February 2023) and the Renault 5 (homologated in September 2023), have just been exhibited at the Epoqu’Auto Show at The Originals Renault – La Collection stand, i.e. preserved collection and managed by the transalpine company. On that occasion, it was also announced that a new 100% electric retrofit kit for the Twingo, another popular Renault model, will soon be available for the French market.

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