Virgo Fidelis, Major Evangelista thanks his carabinieri: “It is not easy to bring in new staff”

“Carabinieri company from Agnona it’s not a place where you get new staff by snapping your fingers.” So did the major Carlo Alberto Evangelistacommander of the carabinieri company of Alto Molise, at the end of the solemn celebration held this afternoon in the church of Maria Santissima di Costantinopoli in Agnona.

The Territorial Army of Alto Molise, surrounded by numerous mayors wearing the tricolor and the President of the Province, Daniel Saiaand by other police forces and public rescue forces, celebrated and paid due respect to the heavenly protector of the carabinieri.

A sober but very sincere ceremony celebrated by the Don Onofrio Di Lazzaro. The priest also brought greetings to the bishop’s army TriventoMonsignor Claudio Palumbo.

On the sidelines of the celebration, the commander, Major Evangelista, wanted to express his personal and heartfelt thanks to his men who, despite being understaffed, spared no energy to ensure control of the territory in an area that is safe with little crime, but challenging due to its vastness and distances of populated centers.

“Thanks to all my people and the only woman I employed, who ensure daily control and proximity to the population throughout Alto Molise. – began the major – I am very demanding of personnel, but I always find them availability and maximum commitment in response. Of course, it is not easy for the carabinieri company from Agnone to find new forces, given the general lack of personnel. You can’t assign new personnel with a simple snap of your fingers, and it’s also difficult to have a normal rotation of people who finish their active duty.”

“I made an effort to listen to the recordings of the requests that came to the operations center. – Commander Evangelista added – Almost all of these are requests for help, showing that the population considers the Carabinieri company a reassuring presence that they can turn to in case of need. And that’s very nice, because it means that we really are between the people and for the peopleby the citizen’s side in times of need and necessity.”

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