Turetta arrested in Germany, ‘betrayed’ by the driver. What is happening now and when will it be in Italy

Filippo Turettaaccused of a crimeEx girlfriend Giulia Cecchettin, stopped by police in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt, a police source confirms Republic.

The arrest took place yesterday evening, Saturday November 18, just after 10pm, near Naumburg, while the boy was next to his black Punto, stopped on the A9 emergency lane towards Munich near Bad Dürrenberg.

The police arrived at the scene after an anonymous driver called 112 because there was a car without lights on the stop lane, with a female passenger next to it. The anonymous man reportedly told police he thought it was “dangerous” to be in the stop lane without lights: German highway regulations require lights to be on at all times.

When the officers arrived, Turetta did not offer any resistance.

When the officers checked the documents, they saw that there was an international warrant and arrested him.

According to the officers, Turetta was tired and almost resigned. It remains to be seen whether Turetta’s car, a Fiat Grande Punto seen on multiple cameras between Belluno and Austria, ran out of gas.

Turetta arrested, what is happening now

In the meantime, Turetta must be handed over to a judge who will analyze the regularity of the international warrant. The Saxony-Anhalt prosecutor’s office says it will not release any information until the case is over. In theory, Germany will have to make a decision on extradition within 60 days of the arrest. If Turetta agrees, the decision could come sooner, within 10 days.

At the end of the warrant review process, Turetta should be handed over to the Italian authorities through Scip, the Service for International Police Cooperation. Italian agents will pick him up in Germany and bring him back to Italy.

Tajani: “I think Turetta will be in Italy in a few days”

“I believe that within 48 hours he will be in Italy for trial.” That’s what the Deputy Prime Minister said Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani about Filippo Turetta. The arrest took place “thanks to the coordination between our police forces and the German ones,” Tajani added.

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