They broke into a tobacconist, caught by the police: stolen goods found, thieves on the run

Today at dawn, from the tobacco shop in Serrona di Lanciano, two criminals, with disfigured faces, after forcibly entering the branch, stole tobacco products of various brands as well as the cash register, transferring everything to a car, removed from the center of Lanciano a few hours earlier.

A hunch that something was happening meant that, thanks to a phone call to the number 112, the staff of the NOR Radiomobile Unit of the Lanciano Carabinieri Company, under the command of Capt. Giuseppe Nestolait was quickly activated with several patrols and which, with a quick intervention on the spot, enabled the army to completely find both the stolen goods and the vehicle.

Appropriate checks subsequently allowed it to be returned to its rightful owners. Seeing themselves in the hunt, the criminals fled in a hurry, and the search for them is still ongoing. The burglary tool used in that case was also found in the vehicle. This timely intervention produced useful results by the radiomobile crews of the Carabinieri Company from Lanciano, assisted, especially in the search for criminals, by the patrol vehicles of the local police station for public safety.

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