The photo of this 300-year-old woman was created by Artificial Intelligence

“Best wishes…” is a simple text accompanying a photograph of a very elderly woman standing in front of her birthday cake from her hospital bed for her 300th birthday. The photo is a fake generated by Artificial Intelligence, but few people noticed it. The post, published on November 6, 2023, collected over 69,000 shares, over 144,000 reactions and over 8,000 comments by users from various parts of the world in a few days.

For those who are in a hurry

  • The image of the woman mainly presents two errors: the lack of nipples (she is completely naked) and the dropper that remains hanging in front of the lady’s chest.


it’s here publish with a simple description:

This screenshot reports the shares of the post. You can see that most of the users are from abroad.

Flaws of artificial intelligence

There are two elements that especially show the inauthenticity of the photo: the lack of nipples (the woman looks practically naked) and the dropper that remains hanging in front of the lady’s chest.

Author’s consciousness

In the comments, you can also find that of the author of the post, who publishes an animated gif to make it clear that he is witnessing the numerous reactions of other users who fall for it.

Scrolling through the author’s profile, we find numerous images generated by Artificial Intelligence. Female, however, is the one with the most interactions.


Overwhelmed by emotions, faced with an “emotional” post, many users took the photo of a 300-year-old woman celebrating her birthday in a hospital bed as true. The photo was apparently generated by artificial intelligence. Namely, the publication points out how works created with these tools, even if “innocent” as in this particular case, can very easily deceive a large number of users.

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