Solana is flying! +138% in 30 days for altcoin queen

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We’ve been shooting another one for the last few hours bullish momentum of Saltworks, which has now confirmed its multi-week bullish trend. Again, having reached this point, they are there levels never reached in the last 17 monthsabove 50 dollars.

WITH +138% monthly and +40% weekly, Solana seems to have capitalized on the bull market and community optimism more than any other altcoin. And it’s practically back to the state of health it had before the collapse of FTX, after a run of +220% in 2023.

According to the analytical platform SentimentFurthermore, the pressure on SOL, which after crossing the critical level of $30, seems to have only gone downhill, would be greatly facilitated by the community and renewed debates about the ecosystem.

Something more concrete, in short respect on publication of submitting a request for a ETH spot ETF from Black rockwhich also inflated a significant number of altcoins.

However, another aspect to consider is the surrounding situation FTX and its ideal rebootconsidering that CEX itself represented one of Solana’s best “sponsors”.

From this point of view, rumors about possible new buyers continue to grow (including Bullishas we reported this week), and words received special attention Gary Genslerthe SEC president, who hoped for the relaunch of the stock exchange and its success in accordance with the law

Where can Solana go?

Furthermore, considering Solana’s performances, there is no shortage of them either especially minded analystsand it is not difficult to track him down price predictions who see that SOL can probably aim for as much as $1,000.

This, supported by data such as dominance of SOLonly 3% at the time of the maximum capitalization, which could indicate a large margin for growth.

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