Solana: Gift for crypto from ARK fund manager

For Solana, which is now heading towards $70, which would place it as the absolute leader of this race in the crypto world, unexpected help may be coming. In fact, he is the one singing the praises of this ecosystem Cathie Woodwho heads ARK, one of the most important financial product management funds in the tech world, and already has significant exposure to the world of crypto and Bitcoin.

The one who calls her friendly Aunt Cathie many crypto and Bitcoin enthusiasts have actually praised the performance of this network, drawing a very unusual parallel with Ethereum’s past. The parallel, as we will see later, seems to have satisfied the markets quite a bit.

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Help from Cathie Wood Solani

Cathie Wood’s character is as beloved as it is controversial. He is the head of ARK, a fund manager operating in the crypto sector technical and which has important exposures as per Bitcoin and according to companies in the sector such as Coinbase.

Cathie Wood pushes Solana to the most important televisions in the world

In a recent speech on CNBC, Wood struck a smug tone toward both Ethereumand, which is perhaps unusual and unexpected, according to Solana.

Ethereum was faster and cheaper than Bitcoin when it was born – and that’s what led us to Ethereum. Solana is even faster and more convenient than Ethereum.

Someone, rightly so in our opinion, will frown. This is not exactly the point that made Ethereum popular, but expensive smart contracts and functionality that Bitcoin never included, due to procedural choices that in hindsight can be considered correct, if we were to consider the various goals that BTC has as the most solid currency on the planet and perhaps history.

Markets loved Cathie Wood’s speech

Markets quite liked the intervention Cathie Wood, at least according to the latest $SOL market movements. Very positive developments that nevertheless took place in a wider context bullish movement for the entire sector.

What he said will have something to do with it Cathie Wood? Or is it an upward movement of the price – after a small correction – that it is part of wider issues?

For now, it is difficult to answer, even if we believe that even just saying Solana’s name in these positive terms in front of such an audience will contribute to the project reaching a part of the public that is not always close to the crypto world and that does not always follow its development.

For now Saltworks remains one of the best-performing ecosystems in the phase of strong market growth. Now the question is how long will he be able to do that.

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