Solana: 1 million users for Jupiter airdrop

New airdrop for Solana

Saltworksalthough it has been revived by the recent rise in the price of the token SALThe never actually lostsupport of their communitynot even in the most difficult moments, such as the post-FTX crash.

And the effects are still visible today, as evidenced by the new one release from the air from Jupiter (JUP), in which they could participate approx million users.

Other of a decentralized financial aggregator, that is exactly the number of wallets that qualify for collection four billion tokens (40% of total JUP tokens).

The Airdrop, specifically, will take place next week, available to all users who have registered quantities for a minimum thousands of dollars in protocol replacement.

Consisting of one of the most leveraged DeFi projects in the Solana ecosystem, Jupiter offers users the ability to find the best exchange rates for tokens on chainto measure, it would have processed $97.8 million worth of transactions in the last 24 hours alone.

The Airdrop should therefore interest a large part of Solana users, and even more so in the period in which these events take place become successful again (see case Celestia).

Not to mention the health of Solana itself, which comes from two months of constant growth which made us forget the dark periods opened by the collapse of FTX.

With new partnerships (e.g Visa AND Shopify) and an increasingly involved community, Solana aims to at least establish itself among the major altcoins.

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