Security and health, Sala-Fontana clash: “Think of the waiting lists, Lombardi’s furious”. “Mayor, don’t worry, we’re thinking about it”

Security and health, two topics and two protagonists who are in conflict: on the one hand, the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, on the other, the governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana.

Why in the midst of the polemic about Milan as an unsafe city, the governor has repeated in recent days that “there is a problem”. Hence Sala’s answer: “Fontana should be a little worried about his problems because the citizens of Lombardy are angry about the waiting lists in healthcare, and that seems to me to be an even more serious problem” than security “because it concerns everyone”, these are the words of the mayor on the margins of the opening ceremony of the Polytechnic’s academic year. “There is no person I meet who does not express anger over the fact that if you don’t go privately forget visits and exams,” he continued, attacking: “Every once in a while someone can even admit that the issue of security is largely in the hands of the government. But when it’s convenient for them, they say it, and when it’s not convenient, Sala is to blame instead.”

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And in a game of back and forth, Fontana also responds to Sala in the same place: “There is no reason for you to attack me, Sala should read the newspaper and realize that the health problem is not Lombard but Italian. We are already thinking about healthcare, Sala, don’t worry.” The governor says that “I never attacked Sala” on security, “I didn’t say whose responsibility it was, I said that it should be recognized that the problem exists, for a while “We pretended for a while that the problem was not there is, which is not true, there are those who want to scare wolves – he concluded. And yet it is not so. The problem objectively exists, we must seriously try to solve it with the cooperation of all forces that can contribute.

Hall: “The third term of the mayor in 2027? Even if I could, I wouldn’t do it.”

Pre-election campaign, on both sides, for the 2027 municipal elections? In the last municipal elections in Milan, the center-right “saw a tough time in terms of looking for candidates. We hope they are as enthusiastic as last time” for the next election, he says. A question that does not directly concern him, because even if there was a reform that would allow mayors a third term, Sala would not run for re-election. “I am ultra-motivated to do well and to reach 2027 – he explained – but even if there is a third mandate, I don’t think it would be good for a city like Milan to have power for more than ten years”. Some fellow mayors “ask for it with a lot of energy, and therefore I understand that it might interest some, but not me personally – continued Sala -. We are the last country in Europe with this rule. I understand other mayors who ask for it, but it makes me wouldn’t care.”

Problems in the majority, after Lista Sale councilor Enrico Fedrighini moved to a mixed club? “I think it’s a decision that helps us because objectively it’s been a pretty difficult coexistence. However, I don’t want to judge the person or the decision, but I just think it’s a decision that will help clear things up.” Do most lose their pieces? “No because in the end going to a mixed group doesn’t change, Fedrighini has always voted based on his ideas so I don’t think it will change much.”

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