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The Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest confirms its central place for horror fans and in addition to the event itself, which is being held these days and, as usual, offers a rich program, strengthen the initiative Legacy of a Nightmarea platform that allows you to stream accurate and interesting selections of feature and short films.

The films that have been added for this occasion and will be available from today are very interesting and as always stand out for the variety of themes and nationalities of the films. All films will be available with a subscription to MY movies ONE.

Starting with feature films, My mother’s eyes From Takeshi Kushima AND a Japanese production that develops from a unique starting point: Hitomi and her daughter Eri are cellists and live their complex relationship through music, but after a car accident Hitomi is left blind and Eri paralyzed. An attempt to somehow improve the situation is an experimental method carried out by a scientist that allows two women to share the same vision. Of course, things will not go smoothly. Already the author of interesting The woman from the photosa sentimental psychodrama with sometimes morbid reflections, this time Kushima deals with a theme with implications of fantastic horror of undoubted charm.

Zaman Darkness is a Lebanese film by the author Christophe Karabachalso interesting for an almost dystopian environment, between chaos and ruins. Husband and wife decide to start a special diet, eating human flesh. Complications arise in an oppressive and disturbing climate of vested interest. Karabach, a director with a rich filmography whose restless thriller is at least remembered Vortexconfirms himself as an author of good originality in the choice of themes and settings.

Come home it is instead a directorial debut Nicole Pursell and Caitlin Zoz. Until now, the former was known as a scenographer, while the latter had already made a name for herself especially as an actress, and that in television series, among which we remember at least the science fiction Šilo. The film is set in the beautiful and evocative landscapes of the Adirondack Mountains where two couples go in search of peace. It goes without saying that he won’t find it. Film, with supernatural suggestionsfits with personality in a large group horror-thriller based on the relationship between man and the forces of nature.

The selection of short films was also noted. Cults David Padilla’s only after the prize won at the last specialized festival in Sitges: the story is set in 1970 in a Catholic boarding school and is placed in its center a cinematographic display that can have disturbing implications. The film marks the directorial debut for Padilla, with a visible cinematic past in technical roles. Deadline AND an interesting Israeli film made in animation fascinating stop-motion technique. This is also the directorial debut of author Idan Gilboa, who produces a lively reflection on old age and a strange way of trying to get out of it.

In Deadline, two old women meet in a clinic waiting room and discover that they can delay their own death.

Another newcomer is Korean Hyein Hwang, whose film Hole depicts one of the most significant topos of unrest with fear of the unknown represented by a mysterious hole and with the classic ambiguous role entrusted to the innocence of children. Slumber the Spanish Javier Chavanel, an author with several interesting short films behind him, enters another of the classic areas of horror, that which concerns sleep and dreams.

Sebastian Ganschow can boast a considerable number of credits, in various technical types (also as director of photography), but he also makes his directorial debut with his short film Administration which compares the tourist to strange take-out food. Wild People of the Greater Toronto Area Solmund MacPherson tries his way fromsociological horror showing the consequences of a bizarre rediscovery of nature and a new way of living in it, abandoning the rules of human society.

To watch movies, simply sign up MY movies ONE. Other films will soon be added to make the offer more varied and interesting.

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