Paolo Castelli announces the entry into the capital and strategic partnership with Andrea Tessitore

ROME – Paolo Castelli SpA, An Italian company leading in the design and global contracting sector at the national and international level, announces equity entry and new strategic partnership with Andrea Tessitore’s company AT&Partners. Andrea Tessitore, born in 1973 from Turin, is a person recognized for his deep knowledge acquired during years of experience in the field of real estate, luxury and design, in Italy and abroad. His interest in the world of design and Made in Italy led him to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure in 2008 as co-founder of Italia Independent Group SpA., holding the position of President of the Group’s Management Board until 2016. In 2017, he co-founded Crea.Re Group Srl, an established holding company in the real estate sector, which manages more than 40,000 m2 on his own behalf and on behalf of institutional investors on the Turin-Milan axis.


Enter Tessitore with his AT&Partners, with one 10% share, will hold the position of vice president of the Board of Directors and together with Paolo Castelli, the president and founder of the company, will support the company in the implementation of a solid relational network, on a path aimed at the development of the contract sector, focusing on a superior offer capable of meeting the highest standards of market quality. Paolo Castelli comments: “The partnership with Andrea Tessitore represents a a significant stage for Paolo Castelli. We are excited to join forces with a leader who shares our passion for design and innovation. His deep understanding of the dynamics of the real estate market makes him an ideal partner and we want to revolutionize it together Contract sectoroffering customers innovative technical and design solutions in accordance with the needs of modern living.”

“It is my pleasure to embark on this new journey with Paolo Castelli and contribute to his mission of excellence in the panorama of Made in Italy”, stated Andrea Tessitore. “I decided to accept this reality above all because of the respect I have for Paolo Castelli and because of the solidity of the reality he created. We immediately shared some strategic lines, we were both open to dialogue and new market challenges. This partnership demonstrates a shared value and joint commitment in trying to establish new standards in the sector, combining innovation and design, achieving results of ever higher performance.”


Paolo Castelli SpA’s turnover this year predicts a growth compared to last year, slightly more than 27 million euros, with important growth targets for the next three years. The development and restructuring involving the very high quality of the Contract division was significant, subject to a large number of orders which contributed to the increase in turnover. Furthermore, the significant media investments that have allowed the company to increase its brand awareness in recent years and the great attention paid to research and product development have led to indoor and outdoor collections that have doubled in less than three years.

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