Paola Cortellesi: “We must strive for rights. In Italy, one woman in the government and one in the opposition, it’s time to lend a hand”

“Most of us have heard a few insults in our lives, “you’re worthless”, “shut up”: the education of feelings and self-esteem should start in kindergarten, to be continued later with sexual education, the subject of the body. . It is a scandal that the ministry does not foresee this.” On the occasion International Day Against Violence Against Women, vanity fair dedicate the cover Paola Cortellesi in theaters with his first film as a director, There’s more tomorrow. The film, a record at the box office (ie most seen in Italy since the pandemic) fills halls talking about domestic violence, patriarchy, civil rights.

A political case

From a ‘cinematic case’ it became a ‘political case’, in the country in 79th place in Global Gender Gap Report 2023the director declares: “The feminicides that happen every 72 hours in Italy are an emergency. For the first time, our country has two women at the head of the government and the opposition, a coincidence that should lead to tension. It would be a real revolution: joining forces for a common project prevention of femicide.”

The two most powerful women in the government, whom he would like to meet soon One Hundred Thousand Foundation (a non-profit organization for the fight against violence against women whose Art Laboratory is the founder), Paola Cortellesi asks “that they do not give account to those who supported them and to the political group to which they belong. You cannot be completely autonomous in politics because you always come together with the group, but I would very much like their femaleness to make them go further. I am sure there is a meeting point: and we must act now.”

‘There’s still tomorrow’, a film directed by and starring Paola Cortellesi – trailer

The importance of the film

Paola Cortellesi believes “that we cannot judge a woman’s contribution to society based on what she gives birth to. Children are made for other reasons, for example love. Marriage is no longer the only goal for some time, instead it is a good education and a good job. We have to focus on these rights. Some teachers I met told me that they could not, with the help of books, interest children in the history of women’s rights, and that they would like to “use” my film”.

Paola Cortellesi, (very special) behind the scenes of ‘There’s More Tomorrow’

Protect the children

Cortellesi adds: “To be clear: I have nothing against sexual desires and fantasies among adults, but today’s children are exposed to an excessive amount of information, and this is not the right age for this content, the parameters are changing, then you no longer understand anything, but what happens and very serious things, just read the news about “gang raping”.

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