Law on delegation, public associations of games of chance: “It is necessary to urgently intervene in the reform of the sector not only online but also physically”

Pending reform of public games of chance: in addition to online, there are also many critical questions for bars, tobacconists and all commercial establishments that contain machines and VLTs

This is a moment of great turmoil for the food sector public game, which has the opportunity to reform the sector in the Law on Delegation. In addition to online, eyes also pointed game physicistand industry associations are showing their dismay at the draft that has begun to circulate.

“In these hours the parameters and levers on the new budget law. Furthermore, press announcements suggest that among the measures to obtain funds, regulatory initiatives are being examined for the implementation of only part of the measures provided for in the planned restructuring Fiscal delegation. Actually, we’re talking about reorganization of the Internet but not the reorganization of the territory. Without detracting from the importance of the reorganization for online, in taking measures, especially if they are urgent for the procurement of funds in the budget law, it is necessary to remember that acting in an uneven manner in the implementation of fiscal delegation can concretely mean the imposition of indirect penalties on the generalist network of territories that is instead the protagonist in achieving the main goals of public interest on which the existence of the sector itself is based,” the associations emphasize ACADI, ASTRO, EGP and SAPAR.

“It is no coincidence that the Fiscal Delegation predicted a overall and compact reorganization of the sector, both for the part that is dedicated to the distribution of state products for games of chance in the territory, and for the part that advocates for the distribution of state products on the web. It is no coincidence that recently, on November 7, at the conference of the Friedman Institute in the Sala Regina Chamber, the advised trade associations (Acadi, Astro, EGP and Sapar) unanimously requested a compact reorganization (both for the Hon line and for the territory, without time deviations), warning of possible consequences of any differentiated departures. Starting with the unfinished reform – he adds – the implementation of a reorganization in stages it also risks the complete or partial reversal of the public finance objectives pursued at this stage. And actually dealing only with the Internet, and not foreseeing the reform of the physical sector at the same time as solving the territorial issue, thus leaving the state’s offer in the territories at the mercy of expulsive distance meters and unsustainable timetables without a concrete immediate perspective of reorganization means the weakening of that part of the system which to a large extent ensures the main goals of public interest in terms of user protection, legality and employment. Therefore, not only because of the risk of cannibalization of the offer. Among other things, in the event of a shift in demand for gaming from local to online, the same levels of tax revenue would not be guaranteed. And this is what the figures of the sector show, when the contribution of the territory is compared with the total sector”.

“L”general offer of bars and tobacconists in the territories it is able to provide a great guarantee of legality, with the presence of state gaming products in 75,000 points (of which 41,000 are bars) in 6,044 of the 7,901 Italian municipalities. The same generalist offer with gaming machines provides significant gaming revenue of €5.9 billion (on 11 products from across the sector) and provides work with other supply chains in the environment for 140,000 employees out of an estimated 150,000 across the sector. . In the same way, small and medium-sized enterprises operating slot machines with and without cash prizes are a guarantee of legality, an important voice for the national treasury and a first-rate employment value. It is a system of companies that are deeply rooted in the territory and represent the first line of the state in terms of legality and prevention of problem gambling”, they continue.

“AND inconsistent and partial reform – he continues – it is a reform that risks being suitable for reducing, condensing, limiting or in some way indirectly penalizing the presence of the generalist network that is now rooted in the territories: therefore there is a risk of jeopardizing the constitutional interests of protecting the health of users and public faith (created with the offer which is measured and controlled by the state and managed by professional operators), protection of public order in the territories such as prevention of money laundering obtained from criminal activities (with a real visible and effective presence), tax revenues (which is remembered as an occurrence) employment (which until today provided in fact in every part of Italy). Ultimately, the protection of the territory, as well as the web, by the state and the army of its public service representatives must not be withdrawn. And this must not happen either for indirect reasons or because of the unsettled, inhomogeneous and non-compact application of the Reorganization which, wisely, the Law on Delegation dealt with without giving priority or without marking the predominance of any distribution vertical, due to the recognized importance of the combination of public offer which is consolidated over time for the achievement of the stated public interests”, is the conclusion.

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