JP Morgan vs. Bitcoin and Ethereum: “An Unfair Race”

Unjustified rush for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Is JPMorgan right?

For Bitcoin AND Ethereum bad news coming? Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou speaks again, who is an analyst in the crypto world for JP Morgan, whose opinions have also appeared several times on the pages of our paper. However, today’s topic will not please fans and investors: the analyst actually talks about it the race of the crypto world unwarranted, at least if news about Bitcoin and Ethereum Spot ETFs act as fuel.

In reality, we were also surprised by this opinion, since the elements presented are not very new and since important considerations were not taken into account. questions which, as we shall see, invalidates the famous analyst’s view, at least in our view.

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JPMorgan Analyst Against Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Rush

During the bear market, he revealed that he was one of the analysts classical finance more oriented towards the rapid recovery of the internal sector. Now that jump happened, but he seems to have changed his mind. It is about Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou who does business with JP Morgan crypto analysis AND Bitcoin and who spread some rather shocking opinions.

The main argument at the moment, which would lead to the ETF attracting new capital, does not convince Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, who is similarly unconvinced by what is happening in terms of expectations for the softening of the US institutional world towards Bitcoin and Ethereum.

They attracted little interest from investors.

The reference is to ETFs that are already available in Canada and Europe, and which do not really have a very high capitalization. But there’s something else to consider: the US ETF market is huge compared to Europe and even Canada, which has to be taken into account when making these kinds of comparisons.

The new rules for the crypto industry in the US are still in progress and we do not believe that US lawmakers will change their minds (…)

There’s little to argue about: the two ETFs fueling the run are Bitcoin and Ethereum, both of which have a pretty clear picture, at least in US legal terms. And this, to be clear, seems to us a controversy of little importance and with little foundation.

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