Industry 5.0, Urso raises the stakes: “We aim for 12 billion”

For there Transition 5.0 Italian government raises stakes, betting to 12 billion in the period 2024-2025: the next two years will be “decisive”, said the Minister of Business and Production in Italy Adolfo Ursoand the executive will provide “maximum effort to support our production system in technological modernization”.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Federmanager assembly in Rome, Urso said yes reprogramming, at the community level, of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr)“through the instrument of Repower-Eu“, he will see how “most of the funds leave in support of companies, in order to overcome the double challenge tecological and digital transition (…) with these funds, added to those already allocated in the Budget Law only with regard to the transition to 5.0, we plan to allocate 12 billion in the next two years, 2024-2025, before, therefore, reporting to the Pnrr, which it must be done by June 2026″.

Resources have tripled for Industry 5.0

Last July, the Ministry of Business and Production in Italy presented to the Pnrr Control Room proposals for the revision of Pnrr and RepowerEu, putting 4 billion on the table for Transition 5.0. Now the funding allocated to digital and sustainable transformation has tripled.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Model from THEIndustry 5.0 (or Tranction 5.0) is transformative: it’s about oa “collaborative industry”i.e. the business model it characterizes human-machine cooperationwith the aim that inn Added value to production by creating customized products that respect the needs of consumers, but also the environment.

This is the evolution of Industry 4.0 and is based on the rapid development of increasingly powerful 4.0 technologies, especially inICT, According to and robotics, cthat lead to realization cyber-physical systems (CPS) and increasingly powerful IoT devices.

“Industry 5.0 is capable of bringing benefits to industry, workers and society”, we read in the Commission’s document “Industry 5.0: according a sustainable, resilient, human-centred European industry”.

Transition 5.0, how it will affect companies

According to Brussels, Transition 5.0 will have a strong impact on the production models of companies thanks to an industrial model based on a human-centered approach, sustainability and resilience.

A human-centered approach this means that technology must be used to adapt the production process to the needs of workers and that systems and platforms do not encroach on the basic rights of workers and respect human dignity.

When it comes to sustainability, the emphasis is on enabling circular economy and energy efficiency models, while resilience refers to the goal of developing a higher degree of robustness in industrial and manufacturing production critical infrastructure.


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