Here is Watsonx.governance, IBM’s AI Gen for transparent corporate governance

IBM continues to push the accelerator to integrate artificial intelligence into the enterprise, introducing further innovations on its Watsonx, a set of machine learning tools, hardware, models, data storage and consulting services, brought together under one umbrella to attract companies that do not want to miss the trend of generative artificial intelligence . Following the announcement of new generative data services for, a standalone suite of pre-trained base models; integration of core models within some of its software, comes watsonx.governance, a service offered by IBM that helps companies manage artificial intelligence in a secure and transparent way. Watsonx .governance is intended by IBM to be a service that enables responsible deployment of governance, risk assessment, privacy, bias mitigation and compliance models and applications. The principles on which IBM bases its entire AI architecture. This is the management, monitoring and management of AI models from IBM, open source communities and other model providers, helping companies to meet upcoming security and transparency regulations and policies around the world by monitoring and correcting biases, deviations and, in general, new capital metrics of large of language models. “Corporate boards and CEOs are trying to capture the results that come from the most powerful AI models, despite the risks of a lack of transparency and failure to manage those models holding them back,” said Kareem Yusuf, Ph.D., senior vice president, governance products and growth, IBM software. “Watsonx.governance is a one-stop portal for companies struggling to integrate and manage LLM and ML models, providing them with the tools they need to automate AI governance processes, monitor models and take corrective actions, all with greater visibility. Its ability to translate regulations into enforceable policies will become increasingly important to businesses as new AI regulations take off around the world.”

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