Fashion 4.0, a sprint from e-commerce: turnover over 35 billion

“B2C e-commerce turnover in our country is growing, with predictions that it will exceed 35 billion euros in 2023. fashionincluding clothing, footwear and accessories, is a a leading sector that is expected to grow by 10%-11% compared to 2022 to reach a value of approximately 6 billion euros. Key players face a rapidly changing market: digitization, focused on product design, processes, services and experiences, is essential to deliver value to consumers.”

He stated that Marko Gaj, president of Anitec-Assinformduring “Fashion 4.0 – Digital for a sustainable future“, an event organized by the same Confindustria association that brings together ICT companies in Italy – in partnership with Edicom, Epson Como Printing Technologies and Oracle Italia – with the aim of highlighting the possibilities offered by digital transformation in the fashion industry.

The event is part of the project “Fashion 4.0”started Anitec-Assinform to raise awareness in the fashion sector about the importance of opening up to digitizationtaking advantage of the opportunities it offers in terms of supporting creativity, improving production processes, strengthening sales channels and expanding the market.

A moment of great transformation fueled by IT

Industry of fashion is at an important moment of transformation, driven by digitalization and the adoption of new technologies, which are redefining the sector in terms of operational efficiency, sustainability, and even in the relationship with consumers. The figures describe a key context for the country’s economy: the Italian fashion market in 2022 it represented 5.2% of the national GDP with a growth forecast of 5.3% for 2023.. The fashion sector (textiles, clothing, leather, leather and therefore excluding footwear, eyewear, jewelry and accessories) reached €73 billion in 2022, representing 3.8% of GDP with a projection of 4% in 2023 (NetConsulting data cubes).

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“In this context, it becomes crucial to adopt new technologies to respond to the growing popularitye-commerce in Italy”, he emphasizes Marko Gaj. “Integration digital skills – he adds – requires investments in training to adapt to the growing needs of the market. Digital transformation is a complex but inevitable process, which requires a far-sighted vision and commitment to excellence, supported by a solid ICT infrastructure and a corporate culture focused on innovation.”

Italian investment fund enters Skynet Technology

In the meantime, always on the front digitization fashion sector, Fondo Italiano d’Investimento Sgr announces the entry into the capital of Skynet Technology, a company specialized in technological and digital support of activities retail fashion and luxury sector. The operation, carried out through second edition of Fondo Italiano Tecnologia e Crescita (Fitec II), takes place only three months after the first closing of the Fund and represents its first investment. In more detail, the agreement foresees a recapitalization of 15 million euros intended to support the company’s growth path, its commercial expansion at the international level, the development of innovative proprietary technologies also based on artificial intelligence, and the attraction of new managerial resources.


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