FAKE NEWS COURIER! The sources themselves have already DENIED…

Fake news from Corriere about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, denied by the source himself… 15 days ago.

The fake news they are not only spread by newspapers crypto. Even the traditional press, thanks to the lack of attention to the sector, does its part. Today is the turn of Corriere della Serawho publishes an old story, later denied by those directly involved, that the world knows how false at least 15 days.

The article was published yesterday and talks about Bitcoin funding for Hamas, which is also reflected in the title, although only a few lines are devoted to crypto and BTC. Yes, there is one fake newsdenied by the same source, and unfortunately, given the importance of the newspaper that beat him, it will circulate for weeks and months to come.

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Fake news spread by Corriere della Sera: Hamas and Bitcoin

The news actually dates back more than 2 weeks, but it only ended up in the Corriere in the last few hours. We talk about Hamas and Bitcoin and the number he released The Wall Street Journal. We also published the news – here – however, noting to everyone that these are numbers that will require verification, since the WSJ doesn’t have an excellent one achieve in relation to the world Bitcoin.

But let’s start in order, to understand what happened and how the story ended up in Corriere della Sera.

  1. The WSJ publishes an article that talks about at least 93 million Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies collected by Hamas

The article cites Elliptic, a marketing services company, as its source intelligence for the crypto world. The figure, however modest compared to the substances Hamas has, would be distributed by the aforementioned company, at least according to what the WSJ reported.

  1. The story travels around the world – and even reaches Congress

Given the certainly authoritative source, the news spread around the world very quickly. So much so that it ended up in Congress, as the basis for another attack by the usual suspects on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

  1. Elliptic denies this

However, Elliptic intervened over 15 days ago to clarify – here – which indicates that the amount circulated in the newspapers cannot be directly linked to the group Palestinian Islamic Jihadgiven that the wallet in question below actually belonged to crypto exchange providers in the area.

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It wouldn’t take much to get to the bottom of this story, which has been talked about for days even on social networks and which has bothered even the biggest names in the crypto world.

In other words, almost everyone knew about Elliptic’s denials, even though the WSJ refused to correct its article.

It’s a shame, another missed opportunity for good journalism.

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