Ethereum spot ETF: Fidelity filing is also coming!

The queue for the ETH spot ETF is getting longer

The ETF story seems like it will never end. After Black rockwhich became official this week claim for ETH spot ETF at the SEC, also a financial giant Fidelity would like to join the applicants for this new product.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission, meanwhile, has literally found itself surrounded by demands on the Bitcoin and Ethereum sideand try to take as much time as possible to avoid making a meritorious decision in the short term.

Moreover, ETFs, as we have repeatedly reported, represent a a decisive factor for the future of the sectorto be able to offer new investors (retail and institutional) an easy and dedicated access channel to the industry.

Fidelity comes into play on Ethereum

As for Fidelity in particular, the company is clearly following suit the same procedure taken by BlackRock in recent days, with the filing of a trust that owns ETH while waiting for the SEC to make a decision.

In essence, the ETF narrative appears to have officially arrived expanded from Bitcoin to Ethereumleaving the SEC with more and more work and pressure from the crypto community.

According to the most optimistic, these ETFs would be the real driving force behind BTC and ETH’s resurgence towards new ATHsand there are already those who talk about the market capitalization of the property, which could increase several times in the coming years.

Or at least that’s what some hope or predict based on the “weight” of companies like Fidelity and BlackRock, essentially ambassadors of the tradFi world in the crypto and Web3 ecosystem.

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