Ethereum: Inflow Returns to 2022 Levels!

Ethereum: Inflows are growing

Ethereumin the end Bitcoinalso records a bullish trendderived mainly from the race for ETFs BTC side slot e from the announcement From Black rock of requests for the approval of a new ETH spot ETF.

Consequently, the data relating to the net inflow of the ecosystem into which it returned is not surprising levels not seen since 2022. To underline this, among other things, is CoinShareswho noted that Ethereum is enjoying new capital arising from asset-linked investment instruments.

“Ethereum recorded its biggest weekly inflow since August 2022 at $49 million, it said James Butterfill, head of research at CoinShares. “The last 14 days mark a real reversal in sentiment, likely related to the recent filing of a new ETH spot ETF.”

Apparently the community is trying to predict market movements that have already been announced, such asentry into the sector of new institutional liquidity.

Another week of growth

As a whole, the crypto sector has seen inflows over the past seven days equal to 293 million dollarsthus marking the seventh week in a row with a positive and continuously growing sign.

For Bitcoin and its products we are talking about 240 million dollarswhich from the beginning of 2023 will be added to the share worth one billion dollars.

Like the entire market, ETPs are also showing significant growth, representing almost 20% of total Bitcoin volumes and a significantly larger contribution compared to the gatherings in 2020 and 2021.

Furthermore, the total assets of companies offering crypto investment products denote a An increase of 99% since the beginning of 2023bringing the amount to $44.3 billion.

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