DYDX, Solana, PancakeSwap and CRO lead the crypto market | Analysis

Solana, but also (and more) DYDX, Celestia, Cro. What is happening with the crypto market? Based on Avalanche…

A lively day for the crypto sector, or at least for part of it altcoins. Leading the recovery is the amazing DYDX series, which recently announced the arrival of its own V4 and which is why it is recording significant gains in the markets and above, at the time of writing, more than 20%.

This is an important race, with the usual backers – at least considering the last few days – Celestia, PancakeSwap, ThorChain and also Avalanche, with the latter which was the subject of our analysis this morning. Let’s try to assess this reaction in the alternative sector, also trying to understand what is happening and how long it can last.

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Lots of news in the altcoin world: here’s who’s leading the cryptocurrency recovery

Amazing performance for DYDX, as well as PancakeSwap, Celestia $TIA, as well as ThorChain $RUNE and Avalanche $AVAX. There is a number of good news regarding most of the protocols we have listed here that deserve further study, however brief.

There is Citi, one of the most important banks in the world, which uses the networks and infrastructure offered by Avalanche for testing, together To the Monetary Authority of Singapore Forex trading. This is an important step forward and a baptism of sorts for the institutionalization of what $AVAX offers.

Announcement of arrival at version 4 protocol, in the open beta version and already 33 active markets. Validators, as Bankless pointed out, can already accumulate rewards in USDC and it is very likely that the token will have room to continue riding the wave for some time.

They can generally be considered either trajectories that have been taken for some time – see Celestia $TIA – or recoveries after corrections the past few days. In fact, they also shine Saltworks AND Cronos coinwho after several very important races was dealing with the leaders take profit and which now, however, seem to be racing towards new highs.

Bitcoin is also pushing again

After yesterday’s big scare, bitcoin also fell below 35,000 dollars, here returns to much more appetizing price levels. BTC is trading, at the time of writing this mini-in-depth analysis, above $36,000, after a day that once again marked separation between Bitcoin and the rest of the risky financial market (such as the stock market).

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While there is no news on the ETF front, the outlook remains very positive and enthusiasm is still high.

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