Disney and Dapper Labs Launch New NFT Mobile App

Disney: An important step towards NFTs

Reality fans like Disney could be considered one of the largest in the world, and loyalty programs have always been part of the production company’s strategy.

An important novelty, however, this time is represented by a new collaboration with Dapper Labsannounced the author in a recent interview CoinDeskwhich will lead to new mobile application based on technology NFTs Disney’s topto give fans the chance to collect themed “digital pins” from the entertainment giant’s major brands.

The company hopes to capitalize on that fan loyaltyboth of youenthusiasm came to recreate around the crypto world and Web3among other things, an ideal space for programs intended for the audience of the collator.

Disney Pinnacle will utilize blockchain technology Flowfor an initiative that aims to become a point of reference for collecting in the digital world.

“Disney Pinnacle will bring the characters together 100 years of Disneyfrom beloved Pixar icons to heroes of the Star Wars galaxy, united by a unique style of collectible digital ‘badges’.”

The new Disney Pinnacle project

True, Disney is no stranger to approaches to the Web3 world. Already at the beginning of 2023, for example, the studio launched the series Star Wars themed NFT toys in a limited edition, this time in collaboration with Cryptoys.

Dapper Labs, on the other hand, which is mostly known for its involvement in the project NBA best scorersrecord $200 million in monthly trades in early 2021, believes the new platform is the result of lessons learned in these years of shrinking markets.

“Disney Pinnacle is a completely new product, designed from the ground up to incorporate everything we’ve learned over the past few years,” he emphasized. Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs. “Fans around the world will be able to collect dynamic ‘pins’ on their devices and instantly and securely exchange them with each other.”

The company said the Disney Pinnacle platform will launch onApple App Store until the end of this year.

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