Digital Italy, cyber security at the forefront of citizens’ interests

If the aspectsdigital economy to which the Italians – when informed – pay more attention, would be on the podium, in that order IT securitythe digital health ande-commerce. l’Artificial Intelligence it is only in sixth place, also ahead of him social networks and fromdigital education. Then comes the top ten IT law, big data, video games AND fintech. This comes from a survey he conducted Quorum/YouTrend for The foundation of solid thoughtof which he is the founder and president Antonio Palmieri.

Information about digital

The digital world, according to the results of a survey that focused on the relationship between Italians and digital (how much and how we get information about digital andArtificial Intelligencehow the media describes those two worlds) is of interest to most Italians who are used to regularly finding out about these topics.

CYBER SECURITY: the best strategies for the protection and continuity of IT services

Italians poorly informed about AI

To understand what is happening in the digital world, Italians mainly use TV, the Internet and social networks. The trend changes if we consider only artificial intelligence: more than half of Italians, 52%, do not know about this topic at all. For 44% of respondents, this technology will have a positive impact on society, while for 39%, the consequences of its adoption on society will be negative.

The need for regulation

The survey also highlights the fact that for 63% of respondents, artificial intelligence should be regulated, although Italians do not consider this issue at the top of their priorities. Furthermore, two out of three Italians are convinced that a dominant company in the field of artificial intelligence will emerge in the coming years, and they consider this possibility worrisome.

Alarmism and lack of balance

Finally, when it comes to the way the media reports news about digital and artificial intelligence, only – respectively – 31% and 27% of respondents say that it is “balanced” information. In particular, regarding artificial intelligence, 33% of Italians believe that the news generally has an alarmist tone, 27% balanced and 21% enthusiastic. Speaking about the impact artificial intelligence will have on society, 44% think it will be positive and in any case more positive than negative, 34% think it will be negative or more negative than positive, while 17% have not yet formed an opinion.


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