CZ resigns! DOJ announces new measures in Binance case

CZ’s Resignation: A New Era for Binance?

The Ministry of Justice has scheduled a press conference for the next few hours at which new measures for the crypto sector will be announced, and the state attorney general will also intervene Merrick Garlandsecretary of the treasury Janet YellenDeputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco and Chairman of the CFTC Rostin Behnam.

An announcement of the conference is reportedly expected new regulatory measures against cryptocurrenciesbut the nature of the latter is not yet clear, especially whether it is forced or not.

What seems certain, as reported in recent updates, are instead resignation of CEO Changpeng Zhaoalways refers to recent vicissitudes relating to The case of Binanceas well as probable ones an agreement was reached with the DOJ to drop the investigationcompared with $4-5 billion plea deal (Bloomberg, first, indicated as the focus of the conference). The scenarios, from this perspective, could therefore not necessarily be completely negative, and would indeed suggest a significant opening of the American authorities to the industry.

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New Troubles for Cryptocurrencies in the US?

At this point, it seems unlikely that the new the conference has nothing to do with the Binance casebut it is not excluded that other topics could be touched upon.

Some, in fact, would still suggest a likely one Tether inclusionin recent days involved in “freezing” operations to deal with problems such as terrorist financing.

As we have also exploredIn fact, the other day Tether announced freezing approximately $225 million in USDTfollowing an investigation initiated solely by the DOJ in cooperation with the US Secret Service.

Episodes like that of Kraken and a lawsuit filed by the SEC, could similarly be related to the conference, but in this case it does not appear that the agency was involved. On the contrary, it appears that none of the SEC officials will attend the event, which is expected at 21:00 Italian time.

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