Crypto News: Shocking Disclosure by the US Judiciary

The Ministry of Justice announces a press conference at 21:00 Italian time. What’s at stake for crypto?

UPDATE: according to The Wall Street Journal, CZ has agreed to step down from his role as CEO. He will, again according to the newspaper, appear before the judge in the evening.

The Ministry of Justice returns to worry the crypto world with announcement announcementwhich is not really new in mode of operation one of the most important departments of the federal government of the United States. This is troubling, because in just a few hours we will know more about what the DoJ itself has described as an action enforcement very relevant to the crypto world.

The markets recorded a very significant sale for a few minutes, except that then there was a report from Bloomberg which indicated in a possible deal with Binance that an announcement would be made at 9:00 p.m. Meanwhile, $BNB is enjoying a good run, for an event that, like we said yesterdayshould be interpreted in a positive way.

At 21:00 we will broadcast live news from the press conference of the Ministry of Justice our Telegram channel. We look forward to your response, also to comment on any impact on the crypto and Bitcoin markets.

Federal government leaders will speak at 9 p.m

The list of guests invited to the press conference includes the real big names of American politics and government. In fact, the head of the CFTC, the agency that deals with the derivatives and commodities markets, will also be there Janet Yellenfrom Ministry of Finance and there will be United States Attorney General. A party that can only meet for important news.

The news should be – until there is certainty we will have to use the conditional – the communication of the offered conditions Binance close all character questions criminal what the exchange is talking about privately with DoJ once.

This is good news for Binancewhich will thus have a kind Second chance operate in the USA in full compliance with the law.

For everything else, we can only refer you to future updates on the subject, also to explain in detail the reasons for this agreement and the potential consequences for the crypto market.

The position of the group’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, has yet to be assessed and for now we doubt that he can get away with it without taking a decisive step back.

The news – we repeat – is fundamentally positive for the crypto market, and one of the most vexing questions is finally a thing of the past, provided that the deal actually happens.

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