Crypto: Elderly Cheated | The senator is (again) seeking an injunction.

Elizabeth Warren again, citing cryptocurrencies as a major tool for elderly fraud.

Although it is American policy, we have all learned about it by now. It’s about Elizabeth Warrenamong the main opponents in the world crypto and self-proclaimed In general of the reckless crusade against the sector that we write about on these pages every day.

However, not always shot From Warren it was precise. Indeed, in recent months it feels like he’s actually looking for any kind of foothold to promote his own laws against cryptocurrencies, given that the consensus around them seems to have diminished considerably. Now Warren states scams, especially those to the detriment of the elderly. But how true is it?

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Elizabeth Warren: crypto = fraud

It’s not his first time, but this time he’s citing numbers he got directly from the FBI. In 2022 alone, crypto-themed scams would steal more than $2.5 billion from American consumers. A significant amount, which from what Warren said would mostly hit older residents.

And hence another emergency situation that, according to Elizabeth Warren, will have to be solved by restrictions, which, however, it is not clear how she would like to implement. It’s easy to say close all if you are not responsible for the technical implementation of certain crazy.

On the bench again is an anonymous person in whose fight Warren seems to have received support Steve Weismanrelatively well-known in the US for the fight against Internet fraud and which would appear ready to support, even though his vote is worth the vote of a normal American citizen, the laws put forth by Warren.

The truth is different: despite the commitment, nobody likes the Warren laws

Although it was not difficult to gather a small handful of politicians ready to go to war against crypto, the truth is that ideas Warren they were not very successful even in the unremembered convocation special opening according to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

There is difficulty in recognizing the goodness of an approach that may be more valuable than some democracy than the United States. And no matter how hard we search for some facts to support theories of this kind, it doesn’t seem like the Warren Doctrine can prevail.

All this while the main agencies in the country will be forced or almost forced to be more open to the category of assets that will be increasingly important, at least on a financial level. And so even lifting up poor old people who have been duped won’t do much for Warren to garner sympathy and support for his liberticidal laws.

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