Joins World Economic Forum? | The whole truth

More absurd news from Twitter and the web. This time is involved.

The news circulated, luckily, only in the third and fourth division editions. However, unfortunately, it had a much more widespread diffusion on several very popular X accounts that are not new to “breaking news” which is neither breaking news nor breaking news. In the center is a popular crypto exchange

News is the entry, whatever that means, of the exchange into World Economic Forum, an association of great political importance and which is also at the center of various conspiracy theories, the validity of which is not our job to judge. What we should be interested in is the news itself and the possible consequences for the crypto world in general and the stock market in particular.

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No, is not “accepted” by the WEF

Although the WEF fears, who knows rightly or wrongly, the “news” circulating these hours is not news. That, is present as organization within the World Economic Forum website, but the issue, as anyone could easily check in the archives, dates back at least a year. The first trace of’s presence on the WEF website dates back to at least November 10, 2022.

And this especially applies to the news. One more thing to add: is mentioned only as an organization and is not part of its list partnerof which it is a part Ripple and of which it is a part Animoca brands. At the same time there are many other associations on the list, starting with the Crypto Council for Innovation over Sheila Warren. In other words, nothing new, nothing shocking and nothing that affects the work CDCthis is an acronym used to talk about social media exchanges.

Pay attention to the sources

The publications that spread the news are always the same, chasing clicks on social networks and on their websites, which have never offered a good service to those who wanted to know exactly about cryptocurrencies.

Our advice is not to be influenced by certain news, even if you are present of the big run in $CRO.

No, it’s not news. No, nothing changes. Yes, that’s something we already knew. No, is not the only crypto group that has relations with the WEF or participates in some of its activities. Among other things, in recent months there has been a lot of such news related to other operators.

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