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In this article, we explore the crypto CorgiAI, a memecoin that belongs to the Cronos ecosystem and has been making many headlines in recent days.

What immediately stands out when looking at CorgiAI is the market performance seen last week which saw the coin increase in value by roughly 20x.

With the return of optimism in the case of Bitcoin recently breaching the $35,000 threshold, even small-cap cryptocurrencies are returning to achieve important numbers, which excites shitcoin speculators.

Let’s see if CorgiAI still has room for another growth and if the project can have a long-term future.

What is CorgiAi crypto?

CorgiAI is one A cryptographic project developed on the Cronos chainthe network belonging to the switchboard Crypto.combased on the topic‘Artificial Intelligence.

With its brand, it also takes on the characteristics of a small shepherd dog”welsh corgi”, very endearing in the eyes of animal lovers due to its long and flattened build (similar to dachshunds) and lively and smiling facial features.

The birth of CorgiAI stems from the awareness of the project creators that they worked too hard in the past years, so much so that they forgot their own birthday because of their obligations.

With the advent of artificial intelligence and the spread of new tools that simplify most everyday work tasks, it has become possible to think big and strive for a brighter future than the one imagined a few years ago.

From here the birth of a true social club where the CorgiAi community can build successful applications together within the Cronos ecosystembringing group work into a new dimension of fun.

All club participants have the sole task of thinking creatively and imagining the future web3 exploring new AI solutions day by day.

This project boasts the presence of the eponymous cryptocurrency CORGIAI, which represents decentralized reference currency for the community.

In order to give value to this cryptographic asset, the team at memecoin decided to implement a recording system for each milestone achieved by the group.

About 40 million CORGIAI have been burned so far equal to the current value of $35,600, and further dilutions of the offer are expected in the future.

CORGIAI also performs functions role and allows community users to receive a fixed income, with a yield that varies depending on the lock-in period.

In fact, if you choose to lock the token for a month on the official platform, you will get an APR of 2.09%, if you lock them for 6 months of 12.55%, for 12 months of 50.22% and finally for 48 months of 150, 66%.
Be careful as returns are volatile and can change greatly depending on the liquidity present in the swimming pool is entered or withdrawn.

CorgiAi’s strategy to stand out within the vast landscape of meme-based shitcoins is to prioritize the development of its community, as well as the promotion of cryptocurrency and the social media landscape in general. decentralized finance.

The concept of artificial intelligence is central to the project and ideally represents a technology that can transform the way crypto communities are perceived.

The plan of the Cronos project is very ambitious: after achieving important past goals such as listing the CORGIAI token on DEXactivation of liquidity mining, e airdrop to “Corgi friends”, it will soon be time for the second phase.

On this occasion, the success of the community will be celebrated with the inauguration of the “Community NFTs” virtual art gallery and AI marketplace, as well as launching a referral mechanism to encourage participation in the project.

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Market analysis and long-term forecasts

As mentioned, The popularity of CorgiAI is thanks to the recent success recorded in the markets with which the cryptocurrency gave X20 to its token holders.

In fact, in the space of just 5 days, CORGIAI rose significantly, rising from $0.000083 on November 8th to a high of $0.0016 on November 12th.

It is, more precisely, incredible 1930% growth which tempted many speculators memecoin.

Even today, the coin seems to be in form and is about to attack local highs with a +80% candle, after recording 3 days of tracking.

In recent days, market volumes have been very high for a cryptocurrency that only has $1.6 million locked in liquidity pools, enabled for user trades.

On November 12, when CORGIAI reached its ATH, volumes reached as high as $2 million.

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CORGIAI is currently listed on, VVS Finance and Bilaxy.

CORGIAI’s circulating supply is equal to 277 billion units while the total supply is set at 500 billion.

Currently, the market capitalization of the token is equal to 254 million dollars, which is an excessively high figure for what the project represents and for the liquidity contained in it.

The disproportionate rise in prices in recent days is likely to end in one giant bubble in which many owners will lose their money.

The shitcoin in question has been active for several months now on the chain equal to zero, with very few exchanges and there are no serious activities aimed at creating value if not some initiative aimed at community cohesion.

Out of the blue, the rise in cryptocurrency prices started with a noticeable increase in volumes: this means that behind the recent price movements there are attempts manipulation of some whales who wanted to raise the value of CORGIAI.

As the whales who bought last week move on to preview the sale, the price of the currency will return lower than the price before the pump.

Absolute attention must be paid to these memecoins because they entail risks volatility huge, which could injure you if you are not an expert user in that area trading.

In all this it is also worth mentioning weakness of the Cronos ecosystemwhich with only HRK 354 million TVL (of which 90% is represented by only 3 dapps) is still very far from its period of maximum expansion and appears to be at a standstill in terms of development.

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