Coinbase is betting on new “offenders” Solana and Avalanche.

SOL and AVAX newcomers to the derivatives market

Exchange Coinbasevia “branch” Coinbase Internationalannounced the inclusion two new “perpetual futures” contracts based on altcoins.

He is the first Saltworkswith a token SALT which arrived for weeks in the name of a stunning performance (approximately +138% in 30 days), and the second is Avalanche (AVAX), also a protagonist of the altcoin market and a reference player in the sector.

The choice stems from the stock market’s willingness to respond to claim an increasing number of crypto investors for derived productsand at the same time serves to attract new users to the Coinbase International platform, which was launched precisely with the aim of covering a service that was not present on the stock exchange in recent years.

Coinbase outside the US

Coinbase International, founded in May 2023, aims to capture a share of the market remained uncovered after the collapse of FTXand has every intention of doing so despite the regulatory difficulties it faces in the US from this point of view.

It is therefore not surprising that the new company is not only “detached” from the main stock exchange, but also operates under the control of the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), and then beyond the control of the SEC and US jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the derivatives market is a further method to free CEX from addiction to spot tradewhich over time caused significant problems for the sustainability of the operations of CeFi crypto companies.

SALT-PERP AND AVAX-PERP therefore “futures” are added to contracts on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) I Ripple (XRP), with regard to which the platform also allows you to exploit tools financial leverage up to a maximum of 5x.

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