Cathie Wood: “Bitcoin and Ethereum, a $25 Trillion Market”

Bitcoin and Ethereum, among the most favorable prospects

Social media has been full of optimistic predictions for years. But among analysts and “prophets” from Bitcoin there are some that stir opinions more than others. There must be one of these Cathie WoodCEO ARK Investwho also belongs to the club of those with the biggest “bulls”, not only as an ardent supporter of Bitcoin, but also as a tireless optimist about the future of the entire industry, although subordinate to the dominance of BTC and ETH.

They will therefore not be i 27 thousand crypto projects have a bright future (certainly not all), for the CEO of ARK, but only Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It was discussed, more specifically, in one room on CNBC, Squawk Boxwhere Wood pointed out that the crypto industry represents a turning point in the world more than the internet has done in the pastfirst in the late 1990s and then more recently with social media.

With a capitalization of 25 billion, again according to Wood, BTC could even touch million dollarswhile Ethereum will play the role of “world computer“, as (after all) its founder himself predicted, Vitalik Buterin.

Trust in property flows into the initiatives of Ark Invest, which presented a new one in September of this year application for the first ETH spot ETF. And many believe that a revolution in the historically complicated relationship between regulations, institutions and cryptocurrencies can come through ETFs.

Crypto and the Regulatory Revolution

A change of pace that then it would respond in kind to the SEC’s disruptive initiatives which marked the whole of 2023 such as lawsuits against Binance AND Coinbasebut also convictions against various altcoins, which are considered to be “security” and therefore not in compliance with federal laws regulating financial assets.

The conflict with regulators became particularly heated last summer, and was supported by a federal court Ripple (XRP) against the SEC, and the path that seems to lead to the approval of several spot crypto ETFs could definitively change the status of cryptocurrencies in front of various jurisdictions (starting with the US).

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