Burglary tools in the car, reported by two men

During the targeted scouting services of territorial control, aimed at preventing and suppressing crimes against property committed in homes, the carabinieri of the Radiomobile Department of the NOR of the Campobasso company reported two subjects in a state of freedom to the State Prosecutor’s Office at the court in Campobasso. , a 49-year-old and a 34-year-old, both of Neapolitan origin and already holders of various police and/or criminal records for crimes against property.

In particular, the operators stopped a rented van in transit in Via Conte Rosso, with two men who, during the control, were behaving suspiciously and also giving off a certain state of agitation. At that point, the military decided to search the vehicle and passengers on their own initiative, finding various burglary tools inside the vehicle, possibly useful for
breaking into equipment and vehicles, which in that case were subject to criminal confiscation.

The two, who did not give convincing explanations about the presence of these objects in their vehicle, were released, and must answer for the criminal offense of complicity in unjustified possession of modified keys or locks, which is punishable. 110 and 707 of the Criminal Code.
In response to the increase in predatory crimes, the Carabinieri intensified their enforcement and surveillance activities. This intervention is an example of the effectiveness of these measures, showing how the readiness and professionalism of the army are crucial in preventing and suppressing such crimes. The safety of citizens remains an absolute priority and, in this context, the strengthening of surveillance and repressive operations represents a decisive and necessary response for the preservation of public order and peace and the effective fight against illegal activities. The constant commitment of the police force in guaranteeing the safety and tranquility of citizens is confirmed as fundamental.

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