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BREAKING: it’s not confirmed news yet, but there’s a first step that makes it clear in an almost crystal clear way. iShares, the BlackRock brand through which the group sells ETFs, has just registered a Ethereum trusts in Delaware. This is a necessary procedure in order to be able to continue with Ethereum Spot ETF.

We checked what is circulating on social and it’s actually true, today there is a company registered in Delware’s records that, except for the name, is identical to the one that currently manages the Bitcoin Spot ETF in terms of submission.

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iShares Registers an Ethereum Trust in Delaware

For those who are not used to how the system works AmericanThe Delaware it is one of the preferred states for this type of business because it offers a very efficient judicial system for financial matters and because it also offers tax advantages compared to many other US states.

iShares, based on what we have personally verified Register companies from Delawarerecorded a confidence on Ethereumwhich should at least logically serve to offer some later solution submission for the Ethereum Spot ETF.

This is the first step, with the submission of an application, which we cannot confirm, given that it is a move that is certainly preparatory, but which will also require further confirmations.

When will the submission arrive, if so?

Between company formation and filingBitcoin Spot ETF It’s only been 9 days. If the same time relations were maintained, there would be little left until submission of ETFs, assuming that is the case.

However, it is still difficult to imagine the possibility that we will not continue in this direction: the establishment of a foundation can serve no other purpose than to organize titles of this kind.

The company’s registration followed exactly the procedure used by BlackRock for this case as well Bitcoin.

Will it be approved? We’ll see. The fact that BlackRock has pulled out certainly raises hopes that things will work out. At the moment, the price of Ethereum, despite the spread of the news, does not seem to have achieved much in terms of sudden gains.

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