BlackRock is here, also on Ethereum! | Application is coming

The final document necessary to begin the approval process for BlackRock’s Ethereum Spot ETF has arrived, another fundamental step toward listing a further and important investment vehicle for the crypto world in the US.

We talked about it in one Room on x which you can now also find on our website Podcasts. A conversation between experts who analyzed the important and less important problems of this type of product. Also regarding what is happening on the Bitcoin front.

The episode lasts just under 1h30m and is a good starting point for understanding how ETFs work, why in the case of Ethereum they could be more important (and interesting) than Bitcoin and why we should pay attention to everything that moves around the world within this world. You can always ask for additional questions join our Telegram channelwhere our editorial office will be able to satisfy all your curiosities.

Ethereum ETF: The Situation

As well as for Bitcoin ETFsin United States engines are also warming up for the ETFs they will have in their portfolios Ethereum in spot mode. These are products that are similar and are now also seeing commitment Black rockwhich has already completed the necessary approval procedures.

In the podcast episode, we discussed everything you need to know about this product and its potential effects on the market.

The ETF will not do staking and therefore compared to holding Ethereum by other systems (see Lido), it will not offer returns. How attractive could it actually be for all those who want to invest through this instrument?

It will certainly be lower than the one involving the Bitcoin ETF. Will that be enough to make this a successful product? Or is there a possibility that it is a product made just to ride the wave?

  • Large assets and diversification

Pension funds and other high-profile large-cap managers will most likely need to accompany an Ethereum ETF investment with other types of investments in the crypto space. The submission BlackRock’s Ethereum Spot ETF could address this need.

  • What if Ethereum is an SEC security?

Gary Gensler has already stammered about this several times. does the transition to PoS complicate the issue or not?

  • Other US Crypto ETFs

We will also evaluate the possibility of the arrival of other products of this type. However, given the large number of SEC lawsuits involving many of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap, it will be difficult to identify viable candidates. And there could be some surprises.

BlackRock Completes the Cycle: Now What?

Now, as with the Bitcoin Spot ETF, we will have to wait. In all likelihood it will be a bumpier road than the already quite complex one involving Bitcoin.

However, at the same time it is a more interesting product, at least on a technical level, also for the strictly legal issues that will involve it, unlike what will happen with BTC.

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