Bitcoit Spot ETF: SEC DECIDED so

The SEC also ruled on Franklin’s Bitcoin Spot ETF.

We could not have expected anything different. The reprieve that everyone expected has arrived for Franklin’s Bitcoin Spot ETF. Franklin Templeton, a manager of some experience and equal prestige, was among the latest managers to join the bandwagon of major companies wanting their own Bitcoin Spot ETF.

As soon as the reasons are known, we will analyze in more detail the entire issue surrounding another delay. However, this is exactly what is expected, and we will repeat it until necessary. At this point, although many still insist on approval of at least the form of NASDAQ and CBOE by the end of November, there are no clear signals to that effect.

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It’s also a reprieve for Franklin

Not that we expected anything different, but it’s still worth talking about. Also forBitcoin Spot ETF Fraklin Templeton got a reprieve, a few hours before the natural application deadline. So, we will talk about this practically again in the new year, with the fact that the next few weeks will be absolute decisively related to this product category.

At stake is not only the claim of Franklin Templeton, but also the claim of BlackRock, Invesco, WisdomTree and also 21Shares and ARK, which is application which will most likely be the one in the cloud, given that it expires first.

What does this delay change? Practically nothing: we all expected this kind of decision, after the delay also arrived for the Hashdex ETF a few days ago. And indeed, a delay before the maximum deadline was expected.

All eyes are still on ETFs

Eyes of the world Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are still focused, reasonably, precisely on the Bitcoin Spot ETF, which is credited with miraculous properties, such as returns claim important that this time will come, they say, from the institutional.

What is certain is that if things were to get complicated, which few believe is possible, it would be a serious blow to the expectations of many. Meanwhile, the world’s leading experts on this type of product still believe that the probability of approval is 90%. This delay, therefore, will not make it difficult.

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