Bitcoin Spot ETF, Shocking Statement: “It Will Last 18 Months”

Kevin O’Leary’s shocking statement. The Bitcoin Spot ETF will take 18 months.

Not everyone seems to agree on whether the Bitcoin Spot ETF will be approved anytime soon. Among them is an old acquaintance of the crypto world, who perhaps many of our readers would rather forget. It is about Kevin O’Leary, who will be remembered by many for his closeness with him FTXeven in the final phase of his life.

According to O’Leary, it could be another 18 months before such a product is approved. An opinion that certainly goes against the grain, but which will have to be weighed against what the character in question has said in the past, which has not always proven to be solid and real.

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Kevin O’Leary has bigger horizons for the Bitcoin Spot ETF

This is an opinion that goes against the grain of the majority: according to Kevin O’Leary, in fact, proBitcoin Spot ETF it could take up to 18 months, which coincides with Gary Gensler’s term.

O’Leary also added that he doesn’t think we’ll see an ETF Bitcoin until it doesn’t exist exchange which complies with SEC requirements. Currently there are none, but many Coinbase first of all, they dispute that in reality there is no registration procedure in the SEC.

The news has been circulating for several hours, but it has had no impact on the markets. And there’s a reason: Kevin O’Leary may not be offended, but his credibility in the crypto space is close to zero. This is due to making predictions that were not quite in line with the real world and his closeness to FTX, even after the serious scandals that led to the premature collapse of the stock market came to light.

Will he be right?

Only time will tell. However, O’Leary’s view is distinctly in the minority and must be regarded as such. This also appears to contradict the important steps the SEC has taken in collusion with those seeking approval.

This time, let’s put it bluntly, things would seem to be different. And aside from a desire to return to the headlines of the crypto world, we see no merit in O’Leary’s words. Who knows if Gary Gensler’s final blow will really come, which will lead to a showdown with one of the biggest financial giants of all time, BlackRock.

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