Bitcoin and the mafia: the accusations of La Repubblica, which however quotes…

Mafia and Bitcoin: La Repubblica puts everything in the same cauldron, but in reality the mentioned judge…

Bitcoin in the headlines again Republic without any merit or any fault. At the center are still the international drug trade and mafias, which are said to be so sophisticated that they use systems like Bitcoin. All very concerning, except that even those directly involved seem to have never discussed Bitcoin.

It is about the case of Raffaele Imperiale, one of the most important drug traffickers in the world, who managed an enormous drug trade from Dubai and who allegedly told the investigators about the use of “crypto-communication systems”, which, however, it is not clear what they have at their disposal. regarding Bitcoin.

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A mob token? Or Bitcoin?

To interest the fans Bitcoin that’s what Antonello Ardituro, who is the judge under National Anti-Mafia Administration. A man who is on the front line of the fight against organized crime and who told us something curious.

Some of the international drug exchanges took place, we mention, with the use of tokens that could then be converted into local currency in all places in the world. However, Bitcoin was never mentioned in quotation marks, even though the shareholder cited it as a lead Republic.

It’s not clear, to be clear, which token was used and why – and whether more could have been done to prevent such trading (in the case of Tether, for example You can).

Specifically about Bitcoin. And generally about money

It is a feeling, actually supported by many facts, that the name is used Bitcoin attract a few more clicks and give approximate information that has little to do with reality.

In addition, we should remember the role of money, which is payment. Also remember the fact that fraud it travels through all existing monetary channels, from banks to money transfers, then passes through currencies that, according to some newspapers, have more respectability than Bitcoin, i.e. dollar AND EUR.

For the rest, we can only make Arditur’s call our own, to make a more serious and less spectacular fight against the mafia. An invitation that apparently part of the editorial staff, no matter how respectable they are, has apparently not yet accepted. Yes, colleagues from La Repubblica, we’re talking about you.

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