Bitcoin and Ethereum aim for new highs on behalf of ETFs

ETH and BTC rally numbers

Ethereumthe following he confirms by Nasdaq of presentation of the ETH spot ETF from Black rock (of which already it was rumored yesterday), came back to cross the $2,100 mark.

It hasn’t happened in seven months, and the result is one 10% growth in a few hourswhich actually drew all the attention to itself, almost overshadowing the performance of the altcoin sector.

The story actually confirmed it BlackRock’s crypto ambitionswhich at the moment does not seem to want to limit itself to the first of the cryptocurrencies, but rather to focus on the entire sector and its main pillars.

yourself Bitcoinfor a moment let Ethereum take all the attention (approaching 38 thousand dollars and then bounced back above 36k), the alternative market was a bit worse.

It is evident that the volumes that inflated Ethereum consequently weakened alternative assets, and this is how several top performing companies had to reduce their bullish trend. Among them, for example, Ripple (XRP), Uniswap (UNI) and Toncoin (TONS), with a landfill that weighed between -6% and -10%.

Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate the industry

Even at this exact moment in history, it seems the distance between altcoins and the two main crypto assetsthat drive a market now dominated by BTC, ETH and what comes from them.

ETFs, from this point of view, could in turn increase this divergencesince towards the two ecosystems they would direct the capital of a class of investors (especially institutional ones) who were previously hesitant to enter the crypto world.

It will be interesting to note, in case of approval, the narrative built around ETFs, which, if it seems to suggest an approach to “digital gold” for Bitcoin, has not yet left any traces for Ethereum. Simply, from this point of view, which will be highlighted the value of the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism (PoS), also in relation to the potential returns arising from the investment.

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