Binance: DOJ Settlement Rumors Push BNB

Binance: Settlement with DOJ?

According to some rumors he reported BloombergExchange Binance would find an agreement with Ministry of Justice (DOJ) of the United States for end investigations into CEX.

In other words, we are talking about a kind of “plea bargain” between Binance and the DOJ to address an issue related to alleged crimes committed by the exchange, such as money laundering, bank fraud AND violation of sanctions. CEO Changpeng ZhaoAt the same time, however, he would not be exempt from facing charges.

Moreover, some Bloomberg funds suggest that the deal could arrive already at the end of the monthand it would be a panacea for Binance’s operations, which would otherwise risk collapse and serious collateral damage for the entire industry.

At the same time, a domestic lexeme BNB recorded about +6% in the last few hours, supported by rumors of a possible resolution of the conflict between US institutions and stock exchanges.

DOJ version

The US Department of Justice opened investigations against Binance in 2022 for alleged infringing transactions American sanctions on Iran and Russia. They then rallied after the collapse of FTX and caused (probably) the stock market to sell its shares in Russia.

Commission for trade in goods and bonds (CFTC) and the Securities Commission (SEC) also have questioned Binance last March and April, and claim that CEX violated federal securities laws.

Binance, in response, has disputed the chargesbut legal problems have since practically paralyzed the American branch of Binance US.

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